The Power of Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is like a cosy jumper all warm, familiar, and comforting but there is power in leaving your comfort zone. This metaphorical place feels so safe and secure that we often forget the limitations it places on our growth and potential. I’d like to unpack the complexities of the comfort zone, its impact on our lives, and the magic that awaits us outside of it.

Comfort zone by Hilary Saxton

From our childhood experiences to our current routines, we are shaped by a plethora of factors. The early years of our lives lay down the foundation of our comfort zones. And the way we were raised plays a pivotal role in shaping our fears, aspirations, and barriers.

Do you ever catch yourself thinking about something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? Perhaps it’s burlesque dancing or starting a podcast? Whatever it is, the comfort zone might be holding you back. And trust me, I’ve been there. Writing my book “3 Wines In” and launching a podcast wasn’t a walk in the park. The doubts, the fears, and the familiar pull of the comfort zone almost made me abandon it.

Our comfort zones, as comforting as they sound, stifle growth. Envision it as standing inside a hula hoop, while it might be safe and familiar, there’s an entire world outside of it, waiting to be explored. And that is the growth zone. Venturing into this space is akin to expanding your original hula hoop. Every time you dare to step out, even if momentarily, you push the boundaries of your comfort a little further.

The magical world outside the comfort zone isn’t just about achieving monumental feats, it could be as simple as making new friends or speaking your mind. For some, it might be writing a book, as was the case for me. With four unpublished books under my belt, I still found myself battling fears and doubts about publishing my first. But by pushing my boundaries and investing in myself, I realised the immense potential waiting to be tapped.

We are all born with boundless potential. But over time, we confine it, almost like sealing it inside a jar, and only letting a fraction of it out. This restricted release is our comfort zone. To truly realise our potential, we need to unscrew the lid, take small consistent steps, and aim for compounded growth.

Your mindset is the key. Shifting from a fixed to a growth mindset, asking “how” instead of “why,” and breaking the monotony can lead to significant change. Sometimes, it’s about sacrificing short-term comfort for long-term growth. For me, it meant early 5am starts to write and record.

In conclusion, comfort zones might offer safety, but true growth lies outside of them. Challenge your routines, beliefs, and fears. Ask yourself, “What do I need to change?”

The world outside the hula hoop is where the best version of you resides.

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