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High Energy, Fun & Impactful

Hilary Saxton, the “Bounce-Back Better” Queen, 2023 Toastmaster of the year and finalist in the Toastmasters Humorous Speaker Awards. Watch her speaker reel video to experience her dynamic speaking style that leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

Hilary Saxton Speaking engagements

Top 5 Things Hilary Does Better Than Anyone


100% energy, laughter, and zero sugar coating - she adds fun to everything she does.


She engages with everyone, asks questions, and has an inquisitive nature - a true extrovert.


Her willingness to help others, serving as a great personal development coach, always impeccably dressed.


Her ability to connect and build trust quickly, enabling her to help more people who are ready to listen.


Her talent for encouraging open discussion and reading the room, ensuring positive outcomes.

Experience the Unforgettable

Attendees rave about Hilary Saxton’s Memorable and One of a Kind Speeches

Speaking Engagements

The Event Everyone Will Be Talking About All Year Long

Hilary has inspired and uplifted audiences of all sizes, from 10 to hundreds. Her engaging and captivating approach as a presenter brings out the best in your audience.

With her high-energy humor and cutting-edge neural techniques, Hilary ensures a fresh and enjoyable learning experience. Your highly engaged audience will walk away invigorated, inspired to leave mediocrity behind, and ready to embrace a bigger and better life.

Hilary offers three signature keynotes, delivering engaging stories, highly effective strategies, and life blueprints for bouncing back better.

Podcast Launching Soon!

The Bounce Back Better Podcast

So you can live a “3 Wines In” lifestyle

Hilary hand picks the most captivating topics, strategies and philosophies to delve into each week based on impact, simplicity and effectiveness.

You’ll be captivated by the witty and engaging themes that Hilary explores and re-emerge inspired, energised and ready to take charge of the day and live your best life!
All with the tools and step by step strategies to bring your vision to reality.

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Hilary Saxton is an evocative and captivating speaker engaging audiences around the world to realise their best version of themselves is still within reach. A witty and engaging entertainer who will light up the stage and have your attendee’s laughing, crying and busting at the seems to create positive change.

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The Bounce Back Better Podcast

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