I’ve hit rock bottom more than once.

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We all find ourselves stuck at one point or another or perhaps you’re at rock bottom. Whether it’s in an unsatisfying body, a challenging financial situation, or an unwanted relationship, we yearn for change. However, it’s essential to remember that change starts within. It starts with acknowledging your worth and understanding that you don’t need to be perpetually stuck.

I’ve hit rock bottom more than once. I navigated the challenges of young motherhood and faced the nightmare of domestic violence. But these moments, as tough as they were, reshaped my perspective on life. They taught me resilience and allowed me to understand the power of self-confidence. Confidence, to me, is the gateway to breaking barriers. It isn’t about suddenly waking up one day with an invincible spirit; it’s a journey, one that requires consistent self-belief.

Often, we hesitate to leap out of our comfort zones because of our perceptions. The fear of judgment, the idea of not being “good enough,” or the trauma of past failures hold us back. 

As someone who has navigated through a failed startup and personal lows, I’ve learned that failures are merely experiences that didn’t go as planned. Instead of dwelling on the past, use these experiences as stepping stones towards your goals.

Clarity is paramount. Without clarity, our aspirations remain vague, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed and lost. Think of it as playing blind man’s bluff – you’re reaching out, unsure of where to head. With clarity, this confusion dissipates. Take the time to outline your objectives, whether it’s personal or professional. Break it down, understand the details, and it will simplify your journey.

In my mantra, CBA – Clarity, Belief, Action, clarity provides direction, belief fuels motivation, and action brings your dreams to fruition. You have to believe in your goals, and coupled with proactive steps, nothing is impossible.

Perhaps the most crucial point I want to highlight is the power of sacrifice. Every aspiration demands a certain level of sacrifice. Whether it’s giving up weekends to write a book or side-lining hobbies to focus on a startup, success often demands compromise. So, ask yourself – what are you willing to give up to achieve your dreams?

Whether your objective is business-centric, health-focused, or personal, it boils down to one essential question – how prepared are you to achieve your goals? Unless you’re ready to give up certain comforts, achieving your dreams may remain a distant reality.

Remember, you hold immense potential. You likely haven’t even tapped into a fraction of what you’re capable of. So, harness your inner strength, prioritise clarity, fuel your journey with belief, and consistently act towards your goals. The change you desire is within your reach – it’s time to unlock your potential.


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