Have you settled for less and chosen Mediocre?

Have you settled for less and chosen Mediocre?

How often have you settled for less, given up on what you truly wanted and settled for mediocre? You settled because it was easier, things had become tough. What you wanted felt impossible or you were told it was not possible.

We are told to reach for the stars, and we want to reach for the stars but when things get hard or there are obstacles, we weaken. We lose sight of the stars and if we are lucky, we end up somewhere around the treetops and some of us don’t even leave the ground.

When my cousin Rachel was 16, she was in a terrible car accident that left her in a coma with massive head injuries. She was on life support and the doctors told my aunt and uncle that she had no chance of breathing on her own. They were told that when they turned off her life support, she would pass. They weren’t prepared to accept this and asked the doctors to leave her on support for a bit longer. They demanded time because Rachel’s parents would not believe this information as the final possible option, they believed differently and would not settle.

Her parents were right. Rachael woke from the coma and went on to marry and have a son. How is that for not giving up and believing in the possible?

Commitment, belief, and desire are part of the recipe that will carry you over the obstacles that normally stop you. They will block out the noise of the nay Sayers and fuel your journey.

The movies of Walt Disney, Sylvester Stallone and JJ Rowlings, were all rejected many times. What if they accepted no and settled for less?

Roger Banister believed he could run a mile in under 4 minutes. The whole world thought it was impossible. Not Roger, he knew it was possible, he visualized himself running the mile in under 4 minutes every day. He committed, he believed, he was fueled with desire, and he did it. Colonel Sander’s Kentucky Fried Chicken was continuously rejected but he knew, and it paid off for him.

What about you, what star are you not reaching for? What do you really want and are willing to commit to? Do you believe it is possible? How strong is your desire for it?

The power of the triad, commitment, belief, and desire is what will get you to your stars and once you use this recipe and know the feeling of its power you will become unstoppable. Have you ever wondered why successful people go on to become even more successful?

History is littered with examples of people who had many rejections and previous failures before they achieved their dreams. Lady Gaga, Serena Williams, Richard Branson, Keith Urban, Kathy Freeman, The Beatles, Oprah Winfrey and Gordon Ramsay Chef are amongst these.

When you commit like your life depends on it, believe with all your heart and desire with a level of relentless passion, you will reach your stars.


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