EP 9: Have You Lost Your Mojo – Mastering Your Mojo

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In this episode, I’ll be diving deep into a topic that resonates with many of us: our “Mojo.” We’ve all experienced those phases in life when our spark dims a little, right? Well, today’s discussion revolves around why we lose our mojo and, more importantly, how we can find it again.

The inspiration for today’s episode sprouted from a delightful conversation I had with Mel, an incredibly talented woman from South Australia responsible for designing my website (give it a peek at https://hilarysaxton.com/). Her radiant energy got me reflecting on my own diminished vibrancy and how I’d unintentionally left my mojo behind somewhere.

It’s intriguing how life’s hustle, such as a jam-packed weekend or massive work projects, can drain our zest. After a recent weekend getaway, I found myself wondering where my zest had vanished.

Have you ever felt as if you’ve misplaced your mojo? Maybe you’re feeling it right now?

Tune in for some tips on Mojo and how to reignite your spark!

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