EP 4: Optimising Happiness in your life – Great tips from Kaitlin Quavis

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Intentional Happiness is the secret to your best life. This week Hilary Saxton interviews the radiant Kaitlin Quavis of Think Happy Co and she dives into the overlooked essence of joy in our busy lives. Balancing motherhood, entrepreneurship, and marriage, Kaitlin unfolds the secret: intentional living. With a mix of mental recalibration and actionable steps, like the ‘brain dump’, she guides clients towards mental clarity and joy. It’s not just about facing life’s unpredictable nature, but navigating it with grace, turning obstacles into stepping stones. Happiness isn’t elusive but awaits those ready for intentional actions. This episode offers fresh perspectives and tools to craft a life of joy, proving happiness is not just an emotion but a crafted, nurtured intentional lifestyle.

It’s time to make a choice!

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