EP 34: How You Can Be A Better You Under Pressure

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We all have bad days and when we do, our personality traits can show their darker sides. This week, Hilary Saxton unpacks the personality traits when under pressure. Hilary humorously explains how each of the four types—Captain, Clown, Counsellor, and Conductor—can misbehave under stress. From Captains rushing decisions to Clowns dominating conversations, Counsellor digging in their heels and the Conductor freezing up. Hilary sheds light on our less flattering moments and offers practical tips for managing these traits. Whether you’re dealing with a high-pressure situation or just trying to understand why you react the way you do, this episode is packed with insights and strategies to help you navigate the choppy waters of personality quirks. Tune in to discover how to turn your personality pitfalls into strengths in a fun and engaging way.

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