EP 31: The Excellence Mindset, Why Settle for Less?

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In this inspiring episode, Hilary Saxton explores the concept of striving for excellence and not settling for mediocrity. Prompted by a personal experience of disappointment, Hilary unpacks reasons why some people fail to commit fully to their goals. She discusses the mindset of the “top 5%,” those who consistently push boundaries and exceed expectations in all aspects of life—from professional achievements to personal development. Hilary offers practical strategies for overcoming complacency, such as setting clear, actionable goals and maintaining a growth-oriented mindset even when faced with obstacles. This episode is a call to action for anyone looking to elevate their life beyond the average, with Hilary urging listeners to embrace resilience, continuous learning, and self-awareness to truly thrive.

If you’d like to purchase Hilary’s book “3 Wines In” click here: https://hilarysaxton.com/3-wines-in/


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