EP 3: The Power Of Persistence

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In this episode, Hilary unpacks the power of persistence in achieving one’s goals Hilary encourages listeners to envision their desires, whether materialistic, career-related, or in their personal lives, and emphasizes the importance of persistence in achieving them.

She queries why most people start a journey towards their goals but often give up before reaching them. Using her weight loss journey as a personal example, Hilary delves into the significance of adaptability, continuous learning, networking, celebrating small wins, and understanding burnout. She underscores that goal achievement is a combination of the goal itself, the internal journey (mindset), and the external journey (actions).

She wraps up by highlighting the importance of clarity, urging listeners to have a clear vision of what they want. The clearer the vision, the easier it is for the universe to direct one towards it. Sharing personal anecdotes and practical tips, Hilary motivates listeners to persistently chase their dreams.

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