EP 29: How to move forward when you feel stuck

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Ever feel trapped in a job you despise, a body you don’t recognise, or relationships that drain you? This episode is not just a call to action, it’s a lifeline for anyone ready to end their chapter of feeling stuck and start fresh. Hilary empathises deeply, sharing personal anecdotes and listener stories that highlight the universal struggle against stagnation. She doesn’t just dwell on the problem; she offers actionable solutions. From redefining what success looks like to recognising the traps of instant gratification, Hilary guides listeners through the process of identifying what they truly want and taking steps toward those goals.

With a mix of humour, warmth, and tough love, she addresses the side effects of being stuck, like overeating or overspending, and suggests healthier coping mechanisms. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, career, or personal life,

Hilary’s practical advice, paired with actionable exercises promises to be a beacon of hope.  Hilary reminds us that change is within reach, emphasising the importance of self-love, patience, and small daily steps towards transformation.

Tune in to transform your feelings of being overwhelmed and stuck into a journey towards self-improvement and happiness.

If you’d like to purchase Hilary’s book “3 Wines In” click here: https://hilarysaxton.com/3-wines-in/


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