EP 28: How To Do What It Takes To Get The Results You want

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This is a motivational podcast with a solid example to the transformative power of perseverance in the pursuit of personal and professional fulfilment.

Master motivator Hilary Saxton energizes listeners with an in-depth look at the power of perseverance. Hilary discusses overcoming obstacles and achieving growth, emphasizing perseverance’s role in turning challenges into triumphs.

Sharing her own journey of winning a recent speech competition after years of effort, she exemplifies the essence of persistence and the importance of coaching and support networks. The episode offers actionable insights on strengthening the “perseverance muscle,” focusing on goal clarity, seeking help, and breaking through personal barriers. Hilary encourages listeners to rewrite their self-limiting stories and commit to their aspirations with heart and determination. She calls on the audience to support one another and share their own stories of perseverance, reinforcing the message that with persistence, achieving extraordinary outcomes is entirely possible.

Email: hilary@hilarysaxton.com

Website: http://www.hilarysaxton.com

If you’d like to purchase Hilary’s book “3 Wines In” click here: https://hilarysaxton.com/3-wines-in/


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