EP 26: How To Ditch Your Insecurities and Back Yourself

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This week Hilary reminds us that we have incredible potential and have accomplished remarkable things, yet we often fail to recognise our own successes. Our previous achievements can become overshadowed by our tendency to criticize ourselves and feel doubtful. Insecurity is like a quiet burglar, stealing our self-respect and leaving emptiness where our confidence once stood firm. It’s essential to remember that our value doesn’t come from comparing ourselves to what others have done. Each step forward shows our ability to persevere, every misstep teaches us something valuable, and each success is a unique story in our life’s narrative. Remembering our ability to overcome adversity can lead us back to our inherent power. If we revisit our past successes, we can renew our sense of self-confidence, which helps us rise above our self-doubts and reaffirms our own greatness.

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