EP 25: How To Do A Mindset Reset

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Welcome to the “Bounce Back Better” podcast, with your host, Hilary Saxton. This week, we’re diving deep into the world of mindset resets—the mental equivalent of hitting the refresh button when life decides to dunk us into the deep end of someone else’s negativity pool. It’s all about shaking off those splashes of gloom and getting our thoughts back in their sunny spots. We’ll explore how to change our mental outfits after they’ve been soaked with the rain of bad vibes, ensuring we keep our spirits high and our minds clear. Join me as I unpack practical tips, share inspiring stories, and sprinkle in a bit of humour to navigate through the stormy weather of our everyday lives.

Whether you’re wading through a flood of frustrations or just sidestepping puddles of pessimism, this episode is your guide to staying dry and sunny. So, clear those clouds and bring back the sunshine with this week’s topic,  “How To Do A Mindset Reset”.

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