EP 24: Why Your Weight Loss Journey Is Unique

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Today Hilary talks about weight loss and why embarking on a weight loss journey is similar to solving a complex puzzle, uniquely tailored to each individual. It goes beyond the simplicity of just eating less or exercising more; it’s about discovering a bespoke strategy that resonates with your personal needs and lifestyle. This journey is as much about mental resilience as it is about physical changes.

Having lost over 35kg herself and being a nutritionist, she gets weight loss!

She talks about how the weight loss game changes with every decade we move through and how she manages to maintain some control over her body shape. Hilary unpacks the 4 types of people she has worked with in the weight loss industry and urges you to decide who you are and then choose what you need to do about our body if you want to change it. She is laughing a lot in this episode so you might just have a giggle!

If you’d like to purchase Hilary’s book “3 Wines In” click here: https://hilarysaxton.com/3-wines-in/


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