EP 16: How To Form Habits That Create Lasting Change

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This episode of “Bounce Back Better” with Hilary Saxton focuses on the life-changing power of habits. As a new year approaches, she encourages listeners to see it as an opportunity to redefine themselves and set new achievements. She points out that research confirms that changes don’t need to be monumental because it is the tiny shifts, like replacing a morning social media scroll with meditation which will deliver fantastic results. The discussion includes personal stories illustrating how such habits gradually become second nature. Hilary emphasises how small, consistent changes in our daily routines can significantly alter our lives. She discusses the importance of starting small to avoid being overwhelmed and how these small habits, when sustained, lead to substantial transformations. The episode is a call to action for listeners to contemplate what they want for themselves in the new year and to take simple steps towards those goals, using techniques like tick lists and habit anchoring to maintain consistency. Despite occasional setbacks, the message is clear: incremental progress, not perfection, is key. Hilary’s own journey from a single mom on benefits to achieving remarkable personal goals serves as an inspiration for all. The episode ends with an invitation to reach out with personal decisions for 2024, a reminder to encourage others, and an anticipation for what the new year will bring.




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