EP 14: Why perfectionism is holding you back!

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In this episode, Hilary looks into the pitfalls of perfectionism, especially among women. She compares it to an impractical designer dress—appealing yet not that useful in everyday life. The quest for perfection is driven by societal pressures, fear of judgment, a need for control, upbringing, and self-worth issues. Hilary argues that striving for perfection is futile, similar to running on a treadmill and hoping to reach a destination.

To break free, she suggests embracing imperfection, learning from mistakes, setting achievable standards, practicing self-compassion, and reducing the ‘shoulds’. Abandoning perfectionism can lead to a more relaxed, enjoyable life, boosting creativity and productivity. Although there are instances where perfection is crucial, everyday life isn’t one of them. Hilary encourages you to release the constricting ‘corset of perfectionism’ and embrace the real, imperfect moments of life, reminding you that you are perfect just the way you are!

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