EP 13: How To Go From Thinking About It To Achieving It

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How can we turn ‘someday’ into ‘today’ is this week’s podcast topic. Hilary explores this transformative question and urges listeners to envision their future selves in 12 months, contemplating personal achievements and lifestyle goals. Hilary emphasises the importance of actively deciding who we want to be, rather than passively cruising through life. She shares personal anecdotes, such as completing a property development and authoring a book, to illustrate how setting clear goals can lead to success. However, she acknowledges the smaller, less defined aspirations that often go unfulfilled due to lack of clarity.

The podcast encourages self-evaluation across various life aspects, from career to personal relationships, and assigns a scale for listeners to rate their satisfaction in each area. Hilary challenges her audience to identify areas needing improvement and craft a change roadmap. She stresses the significance of mindset, acknowledging that fear and self-imposed barriers often hinder progress. Hilary offers candid insights into her own life, discussing moments of doubt and the struggle to overcome internal resistance. She concludes with a powerful call to action, motivating listeners to shed mediocrity, embrace resilience, and relentlessly pursue their desired future, step by step.

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