EP 12: Do you love what you do in your day job?

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In this episode of “Bounce Back Better,” host Hilary looks into the fulfilment we derive from our work. She poses crucial questions: Do you love your job? Are you energised each morning or counting minutes to the end of the day? She reminds us that we are not here forever so urges listeners to assess if their work brings happiness, and if not, how to pivot towards satisfaction without necessarily starting over. As the year concludes, she advocates reflection, the perfect time to consider if you’ve outgrown your role or crave more challenge. Hilary shares her own transition from an uneducated single mom in New Zealand to a successful property development coach in Australia, embodying the potential for reinvention. She encourages exploring whether one is meant to work for others or if an entrepreneurial path beckons—a journey she’s familiar with, having been a lifelong entrepreneur herself. From trading stamps as a child to coaching developers, her story is about resilience, learning, and growth, showcasing the entrepreneurial traits of risk tolerance, innovation, and perseverance. Hilary’s candid storytelling inspires anyone feeling stuck and reiterates the power of gratefulness. For those seeking a sign to start a side gig or make a significant change, this episode might just be the nudge needed to invest in a fulfilling future.

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