EP 11: How To Feel More Satisfied By Infusing Your Values Into Your Life

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In this episode, Hilary discusses the importance of recognising and living by your values. She shares her personal values and how she prioritises weaving them through her own life.

Throughout the podcast, she encourages listeners to reflect on whether their daily activities and relationships align with their values, as this alignment is key to feeling satisfied and happier. Hilary emphasises that often, feelings of dissatisfaction or being lost can be attributed to not having your values met or living by someone else’s values, and she urges listeners to identify their own core values to lead a fulfilling life. By reconnecting with golf, she rediscovers her values of enjoyment and personal challenge, reminding the audience that it’s essential to prioritise activities that fulfil them.

The call to action is clear: listeners should evaluate their values, ensure they’re not subconsciously adopting others’ expectations, and make necessary changes to align their lives with what truly matters to them. Hillary champions the idea that understanding and living according to one’s values is the key to waking up with enthusiasm and leading an extraordinary life, far from the mediocrity that comes with neglecting one’s true desires.

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