Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel stuck?

In my work as a Performance and Mindset practitioner, I hear people coming from one of 3 different places. A place of being stuck and stagnant. They are not happy with where they are but can’t move forward. A place of mediocrity where they once had goals and a dream there but gave up while on their journey and settled for less. Or they are truly nailing it and achieving the levels of success they want. They know how to achieve what they want as they have mastered the art and are replicating it.

Ultimately, we all want to be succeeding at something.

So how do you transition from being stuck to achieving results?
You start by getting uncomfortable. Success is not easy, ask anybody who has made it. Success takes work and commitment. You must be prepared to do the things that others won’t, and you must believe it is possible for you.

Just as a child learns to walk after falling over many times, you persist.

Look around at the people you aspire to. They got uncomfortable, probably many times and most likely still do. They do the things others don’t. They do what others think about. They do what others give up on. They find the answers to their stumbling blocks and continue their momentum.

I had a client who wanted to leave her 8-5 daytime job to become a full-time entrepreneur. She despised the daily commute to her job. She didn’t like the monotony of what she did every day, she felt like a hamster on a wheel. She wanted fun and flexibility, and she did it. She worked incredibly hard, learned what she needed to, got uncomfortable often, and she made it. She now works her own hours and is her own boss. I know she did the uncomfortable stuff that others give up on because I was her cheerleader.

I bet if you ask her now if he thought it was hard, she will say no, and this is because we humans adapt quickly. We have an innate ability to grow but we first must get comfortable being uncomfortable and then continue when things feel hard.

So, Bounce Back Better Tomorrow.

Hilary xo


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