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I help my clients break the glass ceiling, and realise their full potential In life, love, and business.

Hitting Rock Bottom and The Magic Of New Beginnings

I was always a go-getter, learning new skills effortlessly and running successful businesses while staying physically fit. However, everything changed when I went from being a confident, adventurous entrepreneur to someone plagued by self-doubt and indecision.

It was my firsthand experience with domestic violence that shattered me. Previously, I had wondered why victims didn't simply leave, but I soon discovered it wasn't that easy. This marked another rock bottom for me, the first being when I was a struggling single mother at 22, questioning the direction of my life.

In the aftermath of domestic violence, I was left shattered, devoid of confidence, and plagued by feelings of inadequacy. However, this painful experience became the driving force behind my greatest triumph. Transforming my struggles into victory filled me with immense joy and fulfillment, and now I have the honor of empowering other women on their own journeys.

After three grueling years of feeling lost and worthless, I reached a pivotal breaking point. Gazing at my unrecognisable reflection, tears fell, marking a transformative turning point. From that moment, I made a resolute decision to rebuild my life. I regained my strength, becoming super fit, energised, and brimming with vitality.

Launching and currently running a highly successful coaching and property mentoring business, I found purpose in helping others achieve their dreams. Supported by a wonderful, successful partner, I also became an author, capturing my experiences in a book entitled “3 Wines In”.

Today, I have the privilege of taking the stage worldwide, speaking to thousands of women who ignite with inner strength as they embark on their own rediscovery journeys. My mission is to inspire others and be a beacon of hope, reminding them that they too can triumph over adversity.

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Have you lost confidence?

Because you sacrificed your career to have a baby and now feel adrift or unfulfilled?

Are you struggling to recognise the person in the mirror due to a few extra kilos you’ve gained?

Have you prioritised everyone else’s needs above your own, leaving you feeling unworthy?

Or do you simply not feel like yourself and yearn to rediscover the best version of you?

Igniting the Spark to Live Your Best Life

Welcome to a world where coffee’s aroma and home truths awaken you to your best life! My mission is to inspire and empower you to unlock your potential through real, transparent, and approachable methods. With honesty and humor, I create an open space for growth.

Whether you’ve faced challenges or are navigating them now, remember your innate strength can propel you beyond expectations. Life’s too precious to hide; embrace experiences and shape the life you desire. It starts with a choice, self-belief, and action, leading to unimaginable heights.

You’re not alone. Together, we’ll build a community fueled by laughter, growth, and fulfillment. Join me on this adventure, and let’s bounce back better than ever before!

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Wines In

Thoughts and emotions are the precursors to actions, and once you learn to change them for the better, your ability to act is suddenly unshackled. Throw away the ball and chain that holds you back and learn to grow your confidence daily.

Written for all women with the motto “It doesn’t matter where you are now, what matters is where you want to go.” 3 Wines In will have you laughing, crying, gasping and realising that you are not alone…

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