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Hilary Saxton, known as the “Bounce-Back-Better Queen,” Her lifelong mantra is “We only have one life, so don’t settle for mediocre,” which has driven her to dizzying heights of success.

Today, she lights up audiences around the world with her hilarious, bare-all truth bombs that both inspire and uplift. Her unique perspective, coupled with her passion and expertise, make her a true force to be reckoned with.

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an evocative and captivating speaker who will take your event to a whole new level.

A captivating conversationalist

Hilary's infectious energy will engage your audience and inspire them to realise their full potential. She knows first-hand that no matter where you are in life, the best version of you is always within reach. She can inspire people to uncover their best versions of themselves and remind them that the world is waiting for their brilliance!

witty and engaging entertainer

Experience the contagious enthusiasm Hilary brings to the stage. An energy that will stimulate your audience, prompting laughter, tears, and an overwhelming urge to kick-start some serious positive changes.

Evocative and Inspiring

Brimming with unforgettable inspiration, Hilary's unique fusion of expertise, charisma, and zeal will captivate and drive your audience to take action. They will be left fuelled with determination to overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals.

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Thoughts and emotions are the precursors to actions, and once you learn to change them for the better, your ability to act is suddenly unshackled. Throw away the ball and chain that holds you back and learn to grow your confidence daily.

Written for all women with the motto “It doesn’t matter where you are now, what matters is where you want to go.” 3 Wines In will have you laughing, crying, gasping and realising that you are not alone…

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The Bounce Back Better Podcast

So you can live a “3 Wines In” lifestyle

Hilary hand picks the most captivating topics, strategies and philosophies to delve into each week based on impact, simplicity and effectiveness.

You’ll be captivated by the witty and engaging themes that Hilary explores and re-emerge inspired, energised and ready to take charge of the day and live your best life!
All with the tools and step by step strategies to bring your vision to reality.

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